E3METER® Monitoring

Improving monitoring and security of electrical installations in data centers, buildings and large facilities.

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E3METER® Data Concentrator

The E3METER® Data Concentrator stands at the center of our innovative monitoring system. It aggregates data from all E3METER® Smart PDU's, implements logging functionality and makes data available on its Fast Ethernet interface via Web, SNMP, CSV and pdf.

  • pre-loaded with E3METER® Monitoring Software
  • control & monitor all your Smart PDU's with no extra cabling
  • robust industrial Powerline Communication (PLC)
  • OLED display
  • low power (3W), no fan
  • internal flash storage + external SD Card slot
  • 2 power feeds, each 3-phase or 1-phase
  • dual power supply built-in

RN1401 Datasheet

Monitoring Software

Electrical power consumption in an average data center represents more than 50% of the running costs.

Our monitoring software can visualize where all the power is going and helps customers to identify hotspots, balance their electrical feeds and control overall costs.
Metering points can be combined into groups which makes billing to end customers or departments very easy.

The intuitive user inteface runs on any web-browser (desktop or tablet).

Key features

  • pre-installed on E3METER® Data Concentrators
  • intuitive UI
  • central data aggregation and visualization
  • logging up to 5 years
  • scroll and zoom historical data
  • 3-phase balance viewer
  • markers
  • manual and scheduled reporting
  • grouping
  • smart filters and fast search
  • alarming (current, temperature, humidity, etc)